• Exterior – Plagued Streets of Pity

    Exterior is an electronic producer based in Edinburgh. This second EP of his will be released in December on vinyl by the Scottish label Hobbes Music. Influenced by the Manic Street Preachers song 'Yes', he asked me to draw references from prostitution so I decided to find the oldest mentions of ‘the oldest profession’ in history.  The oldest mention that remains intact until today was in Hammurabi’s Code, written in Cuneiform and engraved on stone. The most interesting part was that back then, prostitutes were Ishtar’s priestesses and were respected and protected. With this information, the #metoo movement and the modern feminists’ ‘My body, my choice’ manifest in mind, I felt it was more than appropriate to use this image for the artwork. I isolated the text, learnt how to write cuneiform and replicated it by hand.

    The World Illustration Awards 2019 - Shortlisted
  • s̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ album cover

    Sister are an avant-garde rock band from Athens and Untrue is their first release. True to their punk influences, their songs are short but they are full of changes, in rhythms, tempo and orchestration, therefore very difficult to dance to. After discussing with them we felt that the image of a dancer setting himself on fire would be suitable to capture the atmosphere that is created in this LP. I took the photographs and edited them in both traditional and digital ways.
  • ‘For life’ scarf illustration

    I was commissioned to create a one-off, jungle-themed illustration for a silk scarf. The client wanted it to symbolize friendship and requested to include the sketches of two of her favourite people in the background. I used both traditional and digital techniques and it was printed digitally.
  • Forbidden Stories

    Ludens Ensemble is an Edinburgh-based theatre group which works with live music, masks, puppets, projections and animation, creating performances that ebb and flow between the aesthetics of critical distance and immersive experience. This an illustration I created for their performance called Forbidden Stories,  a multimedia theatre performance that explores the theme of borders and lost identities through true stories that took place in the separated island of Cyprus.
  • One pair of shoes

    'One pair of shoes' is my final project for my Masters course and tells my father’s story against the wider political context of mid 20th century Greece. It starts in the late 50s post-war Greece, through the dictatorship and ends with the election of the first socialist party in the 80s. He was a political activist and through his stories I was able to draw parallels with today's sociopolitical situation in Europe and more specifically immigration, austerity and the rise of far-right parties. Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Competition 2018 - Shortlisted
  • Numbers Are Futile album cover

    “Numbers are Futile have clearly achieved that rare mind-altering power that we often dub ‘psychedelic’, without banking on handy signposts like wah pedals or drug references.” – Drowned in Sound
    Their music is a swirling maelstrom of beats, samples and drums with heavy references from psychedelia. Therefore I drew inspiration from 60s light shows I experimented with acrylics, oils and alcohol to achieve the vivid colours and complicated textures.
  • Penniless & Obscure

    Penniless and Obscure grew out of a relatively spontaneous decision by three Edinburgh-based artists to create a zine which celebrates great folks who died - yeah, you guessed it - penniless and obscure. P&O aims to showcase and promote Scottish and international talent. I designed the logo and the layout of the first issue and helped with curating and editing it.