Exterior – Plagued Streets of Pity
Exterior is an electronic producer based in Edinburgh. This second EP of his was released on vinyl by the Scottish label Hobbes Music. Influenced by the Manic Street Preachers song ‘Yes’, he asked me to draw references from prostitution so I decided to find the oldest mentions of ‘the oldest profession’ in history. 
The oldest mention that remains intact until today was in Hammurabi’s Code, written in Cuneiform and engraved on stone. The most interesting part was that back then, prostitutes were Ishtar’s priestesses and were respected and protected.
With this information, the #metoo movement and the modern feminists’ ‘My body, my choice’ manifest in mind, I felt it was more than appropriate to use this image for the artwork. I isolated the text, understood how to write cuneiform and replicated it by hand.
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